Repetition is an important,
intentional  benefit of
advertising in the Residents
Choice Value Book
Each of the coupons are strategically
perforated and can be easily detached,
without damaging the body of the ad or the
coupon booklet.
This design enhances the shelf- life of the
publication & allows the advertiser's
message to remain in front of the
consumer, long after their coupons have
been used,

An ad in a Residents Choice Value Book
provides an opportunity for repetitive
consumer visibility,
for each advertiser, within each  three
month publication.
Keep your message
in front of the customers
that you want to reach
With localized distribution ares which are
carefully compiled to benefit the advertisers,
Residents Choice Value Books
are an excellent choice for target
Each publication is hand delivered
to the mailboxes of residents within each
select distribution area, by the U.S. Postal

A one-time ad allows for
a full three months of quality visibility .
Premiere Coupon Publications

Utilize advertising effectively with
Enhanced Consumer Visibility